A Human Kindness Project 


The idea

To create a FREE resource for Healthcare workers and key workers for supporting body, mind and spirit. This is a course platform filled with amazing resources, all in one place, to  give support in the form of classes and information that will help our heroes mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  

As coaches, healers and energy workers, this is a way for us to give back and to show our support, in this time of crisis. 



What we are looking for

If you want to contribute we would love to hear from you . We are looking for the following masterclasses, meditations, PDF's and audios on the following subjects:-

- mental health

- mindset

- nutrition/ health 

- wellness 

- life-coaching 

- spiritual life-coaching 

- meditation 


- CBT/ Hypno / NLP
- body/mind connection 
- suicide prevention
- grief councillors
- soul workers
- energy healers 
- healers 
- trauma experts


Join us today in making a difference 

Be a contributor. Join the mailing list below to receive your information pack
on how you can contribute to this global project 


How this will work 

  1. You sign up and get the info pack.
  2. You submit your gift to the project by 25th May 2020.
  3. We make all the content available on the 1st of June for front line and key workers globally.