Work with the Moon, and your Body, to Detox with Ease by Carol Lee

One of my passions is sharing with people how riding the wave of the natural energy cycles of the seasons and moon phases can help promote health and wellbeing on all levels; body, mind and spirit. The power and understanding of this naturopathic (working with nature) approach has been part of human wisdom, living and healing for millennia, as we recognised at a deep intuitive level that we are inextricably linked with nature in every way, rather than separate from it.

Science or just WooWoo?

For those of you who like to have a scientific explanation of why we are affected both positively and negatively by the moon here goes.

How we feel during the different phases of the moon comes down to aero-ions in the air we breathe, these ions are particles that are either positively or negatively charged. What research has shown is that negatively charged ions create more flow and have an uplifting effect on emotional and physical wellbeing. This explains why being on a mountain-top or by the ocean can be exhilarating as the air in these places is naturally richer in negative ions.

The opposite can be felt with positively charged ions; these create more attraction, resistance and ‘stickiness’ and so have more of an accumulating and slowing effect on emotional and physical wellbeing. Many people feel this in cities where naturally there are more positive ions. When there is an excess of positive ions people can experience more pain, feel an exacerbation of symptoms and have low mood.

When we link this to the moon phases it has been found that at new moon there are naturally more negative ions available in the air and so there will be more ease and flow physically and emotionally and at full moon there are more positive ions available in the air which creates a more accumulating, building, attracting energy.

What is Detoxing?

So let’s explore how we can embrace these energies and so ‘detox’ with the moon. First though, what do we mean by the words ‘detox’ or ‘detoxing’ which is used so casually and often, these days. Detox or detoxing is short for detoxification; this is a natural process that happens second by second throughout our lives at a cellular level in our bodies, it simply means cleansing.

Usually when used people talk about detoxing they are being purposeful about this process and are choosing to eat in a way that promotes a deeper level of cleansing. I always think of this as being a bit like doing a ‘deep clean’ of your home once or twice a year; the time when you finally get into all the corners and under the bed.

When we detox at a deeper level like this you will likely unearth things that have been hidden and so we will be detoxing emotionally and mentally as well as physically. 

‘Riding the wave’ of the Waning moon – Simplify and Release

You can start at any point during the moon cycle but I personally believe that the gentlest time to start is just after the full moon with the waning moon phase.

During the waning phase your body is primed for release and flow. This action becomes more and more powerful as we get closer to the New moon as the water in our cells respond to pull of the moon and the profusion of negative ions.

Here are some ways you can make the most of this natural rhythm:

  • Gently increase the amount of water you are drinking to a maximum of 2 litres (depends on what amount you start at) and enjoy food that promote release and flow. The most common food that creates flow includes raw foods, fruit and vegetables, water, nuts and seeds and soaked wholegrains, beans and legumes. 
  • At the same time decrease food that creates a challenge for the body to deal with. The most common foods that challenges us and slows the flow and process of detoxification includes meat, wheat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, processed food and sugar.

What is amazing is because you are going with the natural flow it feels easy to make these adjustments, a bit like paddling downstream as opposed to paddling upstream.

Working with the waning moon lasts until the New Moon. On this day the releasing energy is at it’s height and if you feel so inclined is a time to do a fast of some kind to further reduce the resistance and squeeze out the final bit of detoxing potential for the month. Fasting doesn’t have to be dramatic it could mean taking what you are already doing up a notch.

‘Riding the wave’ of the Waxing moon – Heal and Re-Nourish

Following the new moon we enter the waxing phase, which I see as the re-nourishing and re-nurturing phase; after creating the space with a cleanse you can now re-build and heal.

This is the time to pay more attention to the nutrients in your meal; make sure you remember your supplements if you take them, add-in superfoods, cultured veggies and pre-biotic food and get fully hydrated. In this waxing phase your body will absorb with much more ease than the waning phase.  

The accumulating, building action reaches full charge at the full moon. On the day of the full moon our bodies absorb and accumulate readily because of all the positive ions. You can make the most of this day by making every nutrient count, keeping hydrated and avoiding processed, chemically laden foods.

The building and nourishing of this waxing phase then naturally feeds into the releasing waning phase and so we go on forever more.

Nature always has our back.

Riding the wave of the moon phases when you want to detox and cleanse feels very natural and nurturing. People who I have supported through a moon cleanse report how easy it is compared to the usual type of cleanse; how once they ‘plugged-in’ and understood the energy and rhythm of the cycles it happened with ease and flow. How very very wonderful to know these beautiful natural rhythms underpin and completely support our wellbeing if we let them.

Get to Know Our Author

Carol Lee is a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, trained Acupuncturist and energy worker.

Carol passionately believes that food can be medicine and that the body has an innate wisdom that we can embrace and work alongside. She has used these principles to heal herself from sugar and processed carb addiction and has gone on to support hundreds of people to break the sugar addiction cycle and find sugar freedom.

Carol has worked and lived with the natural cycles for over 30 years, supporting people to embrace the rhythms of the seasons and the moon through how they live and eat.

You can connect with Carol here:

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