What does it mean to be Spiritually Powerful?

What is Spiritual Power?

Spiritual Power is what you have when you understand who you are and WHAT you are. We’ve all heard the quote, “we are spiritual beings having a physical experience” but have you ever taken the time to think deeply on what this means? 

What is Spirit? 

When you tap into spirit you have tapped into something greater than yourself. Whether it is a higher ideal, the greater good, or divinity itself, spirit includes all of the magic beyond the individual human. It includes the realms of the unseen (unseen by most human eyes). It includes aspects of the human experience that we cannot touch, see or hear. It includes energy and divine essence in many forms. 

Spirit Based Power

The easiest place to start to understand WHAT you are as a spiritual being is a word that most of us are familiar with, soul. Your soul is your spiritual self. It is the spiritual part of you that is having a temporary physical experience on earth. It is also the seat of your power. 

Your soul is indestructable because it is a form of energy and we know from basic laws of physics that energy cannot be destroyed, it only changes form. So the core of who you are is an energy based, immortal being that cannot be harmed and cannot die. It cannot fail, cannot be hurt and it always knows what to do. This is your soul. 

Did you have any idea of the immense power of the reality of you? 

When you truly understand the power of your soul and you understand that the part of you that never dies is your soul, you begin to grasp the kind of power that is within each of us. It is mind blowing and it is sacred. 

You increase your spiritual power when you deepen your knowledge of your spiritual anatomy. Many volumes of books have been written that explain the spiritual anatomy of humans. It includes things like the chakras, the aura, the hara line, the dan tien, energetic cords and tubes, thought forms, energy transmissions and even the energy of emotions. 

Beyond the knowledge of your spiritual anatomy is the knowledge of spiritual (non-physical) realms. These realms are infinite and exploring them has traditionally been the work of shamans. These days, with the global sharing of information, anyone can begin to explore these realms. As your knowledge grows, so does your spiritual power. However, developing intuitive or psychic abilities that allow you to explore the non-physical realms does not by itself make you powerful. 

True spiritual power includes the embodiment of divine virtues. Spiritual power is evident when a person has tapped into and is embodying human virtues, that the Sufis believe, are divine/spiritual qualities. What are these virtues? Compassion, love, freedom, justice, wisdom, equanimity, faith, kindness, humility and honesty are just a few. When we as humans practice embodying these divine ideals combined with the knowledge of our spiritual anatomy we begin to develop true spiritual power. Embodying the highest human virtues is made easier when we begin to allow our soul’s consciousness to take the lead and our ego consciousness to follow the soul. 

Ego Based Power

Dictionary definitions of power have the following descriptions in common: 

  • Influence and Impact 
  • Ability 
  • Authority and Dominance 
  • Control 
  • Force 
  • Strength 
  • Intensity level 
  • Energy to operate a device 
  • Supernatural Being/Energy (e.g. the power of love, the power of darkness, etc.) 

In the realm of human dynamics, power can be defined as the level of control over an interaction. The implication of this definition of power in the context of human interactions is that the person without the power does not have control and that leaves the person vulnerable to being bullied, manipulated, humiliated or harmed in a variety of ways. 

The risk of unwanted (and often not chosen) vulnerability is made more intense with the understanding that power ebbs and flows and is never permanent. A person can be powerful in one situation and turnaround to interact with another set of individuals and have no power. Therefore the bottom line is this: 

Humans seek power to avoid the risks of being vulnerable. They seek power over others out of fear. 

This is ego based power and it is easy to see it playing out in the world. In fact, it is this fear of vulnerability, the fear of not having enough and the seeking of power over others that I believe drives most of the ugliness in this world. It is simply the lowest and most common expression of power out of fear. It requires very little effort for a person to pursue ego based power over another. 

But we all know that we feel true power radiating out of an individual not when they are being dominant, forceful or violent. Instead we recognize true power when people have reached a level of certainty and competence in relation to the highest human virtues mentioned earlier. 

We enjoy being around confident, kind, grounded people that are natural leaders and effortlessly illicit respect from those around them. Not because they are perfect and not because they seek to dominate but because, in the pursuit of embodying these virtues, they embody the power of the divine. They have tapped into energies that are beyond the capacity of individuals. They have tapped into virtues that come from the source of all things, the spiritual realms. 

Armed with this knowledge, we can choose to consciously develop our own spiritual power. These are the steps to follow to begin to cultivate spiritual power for yourself. 

1. Know Yourself - develop self-awareness so that you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what your skills are, and what your natural abilities are. In this way you define the starting place from which you will pursue greater mastery of the human virtues. 

2. Learn your Spiritual Anatomy - read books, take classes and find teachers that can help you understand WHAT you are as a spiritual being. Learning your spiritual anatomy along with the ways to work with your spiritual anatomy will change your life forever. You will begin to see the world through “energy eyes” and be able to work with yourself, others, and life circumstances in an empowered way. 

3. Heal Yourself - As you get to know yourself better you will find and begin to explore areas of emotional, mental, physical or spiritual pain. Using your newly developed spiritual anatomy tools, you can heal these pains and therefore increase your personal strength and resilience as your grow. 

4. Deepen Your Understanding and Embodiment of the Virtues - Delve deeply into what it means to be loving, honest, honorable, loyal, kind, compassionate, wise and just. This requires practice and will absolutely challenge you because it refines and elevates the ego. 

5. Express Yourself - Become your true, authentic self! There is no greater freedom and it is the path to being the most powerful expression of your individuality. There is only one you and there will never again be anyone like you after you are gone. You’ve got one shot at making the best of your life. Live it authentically and to the fullest. 

6. Commit to Lifelong Learning and Growth - The path of true Spiritual Power has no final destination. We are forever growing and evolving as human beings and this work doesn’t stop, not even after death. So embrace the virtue of lifelong growth, education and change. 

In the end the choice is all yours. Will you remain as we are, conditioned by outside influences to focus on ego based power or will you choose to step up to your greatness and embrace your true spiritual power? 

My wish is for you to reduce your suffering and increase your capacity for true joy and fulfillment by developing your spiritual power. 

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WENDY C WILLIAMS, MS is a Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Healer at www.WendyCWilliams.com 

Wendy C Williams has taught spiritual growth, personal growth, energy work, energy healing and manifesting for over 8 years. She has a degree in Counseling Psychology from a Positive Psychology school which means she not only knows how to diagnosis and treat psychological disorders but she has studied and understands human potential. She has studied how to bring out the best in people and how to coach them towards greater fulfillment, joy and self-mastery in life. 

Wendy is a speaker and a course creator that passionately shares her knowledge with everyone. At her core, she is a teacher and it is her greatest desire that you are able to learn from the courses provided and succeed in living your best life! There is no greater reward. 

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