The Moon and The Divine Feminine by Laura Soer

The Tale of the Moon, is actually the tale of The Divine Feminine. And sure there are plenty of myths tied to the Moon. From romance to mysticism and bards and writers all finding inspiration in the heavenly body. The Moon sparks the imagination. The awareness of her as a Spiritual Body has won terrain the last decades. And Modern Mystics and Seekers will see posts blast from social media platforms each Full and New Moon. What many do not realise is that while working with the tides of the Moon and allowing her flow to become yours, they are working with the ancient Rhythm of life and death. And therefore opening the portal to the Inner Goddess and the Divine Feminine. 

​​​​Ancient Rhythm of Life, Death and Resurrection

The Rise of the Goddess is something that’s long spoken about.This started already almost 50 years ago after Her having taken a back seat for so long. You can see The Divine Feminine or the Ancient Goddess energy as a collective representation of what lives in our subconscious and it is all about what’s going on internally in you. You may have heard a lot about there being a shift in that energy and that her influence is growing. She has indeed been re-emerging from the shadows and there is a new understanding of her energy present on earth already. So it’s no wonder that empathy and honouring our emotions are finally returning to society, because that is the realm of the Goddess and the Moon. 

At the start of this year I received a beautiful vision confirming that many have opened up to the Divine Feminine and that the Goddess sphere will continue to rise and grow and will slowly form a new foundation. I saw waves of healers and healing flood the earth and the most magnificent colours being spread like powder; a magenta reddish pink with misty lavender blue. And took it as a sign that “the light army” is growing and I saw it raise the vibration of the Earth. And that’s because all you heal within, will have a ripple effect and light up those around you. So it’s no coincidence you are reading this. 

To make it very practical: you can see this Rise in the yoga movement (and it now being very common - it wasn’t as much the beginning of 2000 and was still considered “very new age”. Now physicians easily suggest it as stress control and more). You can see it in “mindfulness” and how it has been integrated in the business world (mindfulness is actually very similar to “meditation techniques” used as part of spiritual awakening journeys. It has just been pimped and marketed in a way that speaks to a broader audience). And what about purpose, utilising your talents and finding meaningfulness in careers being on the increase? These ingredients are now being seen as important Human Relations tools to keep employees contented. That’s quite some shift in culture, since it’s the professors and science based institutions that are now embracing these more feminine based qualities. 

Reclamation Of Power 

If you also understand that is hasn’t been all that long ago that women started reclaiming their power then the Rise of the Goddess becomes even more understandable. Did you know women were not allowed to open their own bank accounts before 1975 without permission from their husbands or a male relative? That up until the early 1980’s you could have been denied serving in an English pub in you were unaccompanied and wanted to spend your own hard earned cash? Many of the female qualities have been suppressed for many centuries and there’s a resounding call for change in leadership, in valuing empathy and intuition and more. The #metoo campaign being an excellent example of this switch from ‘old world leadership’ to new.   

Let’s not just talk about women though (The Goddess energy is not about gender (even if it’s great mirror to how the feminine qualities are and have been valued and downplayed). The Divine Feminine is a consciousness). Because what the Path of the Moon represents can be found both in men and women. And this depriving of our wise emotional system and that of the subconscious has been taking a toll on both genders. When we deny one part in ourselves or suppress it, we are feeling a disconnect, a sense of aloneness, sadness and more. That’s because we are not allowing ourselves to fully be who we are. All of us have that Divine Feminine internal part that can help with balancing action and non-action. It’s the Yin-side of our life. 

  • The Moon relates to the unseen.
  • It invites us to go beyond seeing with our eyes and allows other senses to come forward.  
  • The Moon is your hunches and intuition.
  • Our emotions.
  • And the undercurrent of life that’s not always instantly crystal clear and visible.
  • The Moon affects bodies of water.
  • And the Ocean Tides.
  • We are 70% water.
  • And the Moon influences us to.
  • She speaks to all hero and mythological stories that the subconscious holds. 

The Moon Phases

Let’s start with getting the Moon Phases right. A lot of information has been lost through the internet and copy and pasting without checking the origin facts and sources. Many now think Full Moon is only about release, while in reality Full Moon is  about abundance and manifesting. That’s why common movie and scifi series show “witches gather during full moon”. It’s not something made up: Full moon in times in which there was no electric lighting was the time to meet up with people (and lovers!). That was the time of the month that you could see where to walk.The energy at Full moon is lush and charged and exciting! And when there was no moon to light the surroundings it was a Smugglers Paradise and a perfect time for ‘shady activities’ (they couldn’t see you!). Now when there is no moon, it’s still an excellent time to do shadow work.  

The Moon Phases meanings:

  • Waxing Moon is great for growth and things that are just beginning. 
  • Full Moon is about abundance and celebrations and can be used for manifesting. 
  • Waning Moon is about release. 
  • New moon (actually called Dark Moon because you can’t see the moon in the sky) is the time to reflect 

Now let’s make that more visible while adding the Goddesses relating to each phase:

  • Waxing Moon relates to the VIRGIN GODDESSES - it’s the life phase in which all is new and growing like in Spring. As a life phase it’s the child and young adult. 
  • Full Moon relates to the MOTHER GODDESS - She is at her peak and blossoming like summer time. The Full Moon can even be seen as pregnancy.   
  • Waning Moon is when we get older. There’s wisdom gathered in being around for quite some time, but there is also decay. This phase relates to the Crone Goddess and often goddesses here will be threefold, because they lived all of those phases. 
  • Then at dark moon/new moon it’s about death and there’s a “nothingness” and stillness like you see in Winter time (before being reborn again)

Tips: How to use the moon to strengthen your connection with the Divine Feminine.

Here’s the first secret: You are the Goddess. It’s all about you and your creation. However there’s certainly also the “external” Goddess Energy, which is an archetypal energy that you can tap into and even evoke is you so desire. Goddesses can differ immensely in energy.  When you just start out on your spiritual journey it’s common to notice that a certain Goddess speaks to you more than another. Usually they are first mirroring your own energy and there’s a similarity there. In short: if you are very FIERCE then you’ll likely feel attracted to a more fierce Goddess when starting to work with Goddess Energy. 

Here’s the second secret: If you start asking to connect with the Goddess she will start showing up for you. You can ask out loud before you go to bed and mind your dreams for example. Here’s something quite neat: The Goddess that wants to work with you will usually show up. You don’t pick the Goddess, She picks you. Here’s a link to a free Connect with The Goddess meditation that helps you to connect with the Goddess you are ready to work with. It’s part of the 7 Days of Goddesses program and I’ve uploaded it especially for readers of My Inner Peace.  <3

Third- Allow awareness. Look up to the sky, understand the moon phases meanings. The more you note how you feel during each phase, the easier you’ll start connecting with your own intuition and gifts and the knowledge of your subconscious. You can journal about how you feel or only take a few minutes to be consciously aware like looking up and the moon and affirming: “I see the moon is waxing. This is the time of growth and creating opportunity.”  

And last but not least: You go through a similar process as that of the moon each month. With your newborn wishes, making desires real, letting go of what you’ve outgrown and then being still and allowing time to reflect for your next best steps. And throughout the days, months and years you will keep transforming and growing. The Moon can teach you the process of your internal flow and on a larger scale initiate you in understanding the cycle of life. The benefits are huge if you allow yourself that internal process. The more aware, the easier. There’s no pushing. There’s just the natural tide of you. Like the ocean responding to the Moon. The internal world is the domain of the Divine feminine and the Moon a portal to connect with those ancient parts of the psyche.

Wishing you a beautiful journey.

Much love, Laura

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