Supercharge your Work and Office Productivity using Feng Shui by: Melanie Mondini

Female entrepreneurs are leading the next wave of business success around the globe and need all the helpful tools they can get to overcome common business challenges with confidence.

According to statistics from the National Association of Women Business Owners of 2017, women start business at twice the rate of men, representing 36.2% of businesses in the USA, owning 9.4 million firms in the U.S. alone, employing more than 13 million people and generating $1.9 trillion in sales. In addition, women are expected to generate more than half of the 9.72 million new small business jobs by the end of 2018.

In Europe, according to the EC Europa the current rate is slightly lower with 30% startup women entrepreneurs, acting as a reminder that female creativity and entrepreneurial potential needs the support and confidence of pre-cursors and success stories, knowing that we as female entrepreneurs can have a high economic impact, we can promote change and grow our communities.

Feng Shui can provide the support that women need to thrive forward in their business and create more wealth, more money, more jobs and more opportunities for themselves and others.

Feng Shui is an ancient art of living and its tools are being used to create a free flow of energy within our environment. However, what I love the most about Feng Shui is the strong emphasis on creating emotional, physical and spiritual awareness. Awareness that can assist for us to live our lives as the best version of ourselves.  

Today we talk about 8 ways how to supercharge your work and office for support, income, growth and satisfaction in business and life.

1.   Support, Networking and Connection

Not every female entrepreneur has a strong support system. There may not be a family or spouse to encourage the idea of starting a business. In my experience, I always benefited from networking with others and helping where I could. You may meet a person and realize they are a perfect fit for someone else. Get those two people together,and you'll be providing a female entrepreneur with funding, a mentor, talent or something else they need to succeed. The returns often are lifelong friendships, business partners or new business ventures and opportunities as well as the simple gratification of having been of service to fellow entrepreneurs.

To enhance the helpful people sector (the NW) in your own office, you can bring in artwork that sparks joy and symbolizes teamwork and effort, like a group of people working on a project together or something as simple as an image of a heartfelt handshake.

2.   Invest in yourself

In order to be the best version of yourself and to be able to run your business or team successfully, you need to be able to put yourself first. You need to understand, that knowing when to do so, is far from being self-centered, but rather a necessity. Think about the safety measures on airplanes. In case of an emergency, the oxygen mask needs to be put on the mother first in order to help the child, not vice versa.

Same in your business. To run the daily business task well and keep the course on the business vision, you need to invest in your health, knowledge and wellbeing. When you buy a quality desk that you can comfortably work at for hours, then that is an investment. So, think about that, when it comes to outfitting your office to help you be most productive. Invest in a cleaner, so that you have more time for your business or get business coaching, to find the support and mentoring you need.  

To enhance the health & wellbeing sector in your office (the center)you can add fresh flowers or a centerpiece that inspires your imagination and creativity. Keep the area clutter free and know that you are worth the investment in yourself.

3.   Facing opportunities and desk position

Let‘s stay with the theme of office outfits. The following is true for your home office, external office, cubicle and even the kitchen table. An office desk is more than just a table to rest your computer on or a storage space for your paperwork. Most of the time all your work is being accomplished at your desk, making it vital for it to be suitable to your needs. Your work will be affected, if the desk is too small, placed awkwardly or not ergonomically positioned.

A good feng shui desk will support your goals in business and career.

Make sure that you turn your desk around to face the door to your office. This is essential to feeling in command of what is going on in your business.

The best material for your desk is wood. Wood represents growth, health and vibrancy.I recommend a traditional rectangular shape to be ideal. Have a quality high back chair with arms that are comfortable and give you great ergonomic support while working.

Too often we squeeze our desk up to the wall, as that’s where the plugs are, yet this can feel very restrictive and claustrophobic if there is little or no space behind you.

When you face a wall, you face an obstacle. What’s vital about having a desk out in the room and not facing a wall is that it allows energy to flow to you, your work and your business.

Having open space around your desk means you’re not “cut off” from energy and that energy can circulate around you, coming in the form of new sales, new clients, more opportunity and more money.

Keep the front of the desk open and clear to welcome new opportunities and prosperity. Keep it free of clutter and well lit.

4.   The universe wants you to succeed, learn to ask for help & accept help

In Feng Shui we teach asking for help in all different forms. I‘ve learned that it is all about our mindset, and allowing ourselves to be supported on our mission.

We do not have to walk the path on our own.

If asking for help does not come natural to you, you can start by writing affirmations of the things you would like to see in your business and life.

Be very specific about your wants and clear in your articulation. Affirmations are written in the present tense and a key for them to work is knowing that whatever you wish, is possible for you to have. If it is meant for you, then without question it is coming your way. All you need to allow is, being open to the channel of receiving. A good example would be ‘I love sitting on my new purposely built desk, looking out over the garden` or ‘I am thrilled to have connected with my amazing mentor and have her support to build my business ‘.

Place your affirmation in the relevant bagua* area in your home or office (*see attached picture at the end of the article, we lay the feng shui bagua map over the layout of a room; use a compass to determine the directions of your space).

The help we seek can come in all different ways, shapes and forms like seeing signs on the street, friends offering you to meet someone they know, phone calls out of the blue, content of a blog post or a podcast on the internet. Look out for business incubators and accelerators, small business enterprises, grant programs and online educational resources.

Become aware of what is going on around you and leverage your personal network to find suitable mentorships and mastermind groups or local female entrepreneur meetups. Consider alternative strategies for raising capital such as crowdfunding, micro-loans or angel investors who focus on female entrepreneurs. Remember if you ask for help, help is on your way in all different forms and shapes and yes you do deserve it.

Some call it angels, some call it good luck, some call it faith or miracles – no matter on who you call for help, when you become clear on what you want and if it is in alignment with your higher self, then make sure to write it down in physical form and trust that it is to be yours, because the universe wants you to succeed.

5.   Supercharge your business Chi.

Give your office a jolt of energy by keeping all your potential client details in red folders. This helps to supercharge those files with energy, attract new clients and keep clients coming back. Green folders are for existing clients’ information promoting growth, purple folders for manifesting magic of new ideas and business ventures and blue folders for all bills and invoices you need to take care of. Blue is the colour of water, which represents fluidity and moving forward.

Keep your desk and office clutter free, to allow the energy to move freely around you, promoting space to think, create, invent and be productive. Keep some fresh flowers on your desk to give you some excellent growth energy (plants in general) and add crystals like Citrine or Amethyst – both represent the earth energy and are good for clear thinking, attracting prosperity and wealth.

Add some protective energy through a picture or statue of the goddess Quan Yin, she represents the fierce protective energy of a mother, at the same time as being divine love, unconditional compassion and pure kindness.

6.   Raise your vibes by raising your vision.

Have a whiteboard or corkboard in front of you where you can add inspirational sayings, goals and proud achievements, significant clippings from newspapers or latest photographs of you taken in business. You can hang your business vision board as well as images of mentors and other female entrepreneurs you look up to, to inspire you.

These can be placed on the wall ahead of you or on the wall opposite the door- either way you will see it, as seeing these successes and inspirations is what matters.

It‘s a good idea to hang the most relevant degrees, awards and certificates up on the wall in front of you for inspiration or behind you for support.

Have your business logo and name high up on the door or on the wall and let it inspire you to achieve great things.

Most likely your business is growing bigger than yourself, challenging you every day to grow outside your comfort zone, so raising your vibes while keeping an eye on your vision is essential and being inspired by your success or the success of idols will help you in doing so.

7.    Empowered working through beauty.

We often put up with an ‘I can manage with this’ attitude, promising ourselves that we will invest in a better laptop, bigger desk, better lighting or a certain digital systematic program, when we achieve a certain monetary milestone. However, we forget the importance of Self-Care and that we will be treated as we treat ourselves.

You are the executive of your business, so please treat yourself like one.

Make sure you feel empowered to work by selecting the things that fit both looks and function to make you your most productive. Pick a quality desk chair with a high back and good support in your favorite colour and have good full spectrum lighting on your desk and in the office – this is excellent feng shui to ensure you have staying power in your business. Your desk should have built-in drawers for pens, stapler and paper clips. Have a wall filing cabinet or a bookshelf for all your inspiring books and business reading material.

Add plants, have always clean windows (windows represent the eyes we look out into the world with) and have inspiring objects around you. Empty the garbage bin daily and keep energy fresh, by opening windows. When your office looks attractive, you feel more productive, you want to spend more time in your office and the result is more work done.

You simply enjoy being there.

Remember: Energy flows where the eye goes.

If that energy is positive from an image, picture or painting, the flow is positive. If it is negative, the energy goes that way, too.

8.   Millionaire mindset

In Feng Shui, a well looked after house or business has energy flowing easily and freely, meaning that you can accumulate health, wealth and abundance of what you want more of.

On the other hand, if you are putting off replacing broken light bulbs, repairing a leaking kitchen tap or cutting down a dead tree, you are most likely not receiving all the abundance you could be receiving, if your home or business were in good order.

The chi, or energy, of a home or business declines when it has got leaking faucets or roof, when the paint is peeling or when it’s dirty and cluttered.

Think about how successful business owners live. Their house reflects their success with pretty plants and cut grass, fresh paint, sparking windows and a clean clutter free interior.

Even if you’re not a millionaire, you can still live like one in your home (however being a millionaire looks like to you), and often, you’ll find that when the house is neat, tidy, uncluttered and in good repair, you feel better and more confident. By keeping your home and your business attractive and clean, you raise its energy - which in turn raises your own too.

These are my 8 tips for you today. If you have any questions regarding any of the tips or would like to ask more personal questions regarding your business feng shui, please feel free to comment below or reach out to me.

Happy Feng Shui‘ing from me with Love, Melanie

* Feng Shui Bagua Map – use your compass to determine the directions

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Melanie Mondini is a Feng Shui Consultant & Coach and Holistic Therapist, combining all tools for healing and empowering the mind, body and spirit.

Melanie believes in the connection between body, mind, spirit and the environment we live in. She thrives to help clients to find their passion and fulfillments in life and business, to keep them on course with their vision and achieve their greatness. 

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