Psychic Development by Kathryn Keenan

I have been a Spiritual development tutor for many, many years now and I just love my job!  I love watching my students develop and grow into their ‘psychic strengths’.  I have produced many professional psychics and helped them to be successful.  

I have always been aware of my psychic gifts but haven’t always used them professionally.  This was not my first career.  I come from a long line of psychics and mediums from both sides of the family tree, so it was not something I could or wanted to ignore.  I just wanted to do it the best way I could.  I decided to teach as I found there was a lack of good quality Spiritual teachers in Australia, who were getting amazing results.  I wanted to learn more and eventually found myself attending the ‘Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship’ in England and learning from some of the best tutors in the world, as they have such high standards there. 

Each year I would do the long journey from Australia to the college to learn and then return to teach what I had learnt to students that didn’t have the time or funds available to be able to do that journey.  It was not easy for me to take off for three weeks from my ‘life’, as it was, leaving my young family behind and travelling so far away.  Not to mention the high cost of such a trip and everything associated with it, as well as taking time off from my busy career.   

Before I went to the college I had long had a dream of finding a tutor that would provide ‘one on one’ training.  Someone caring who would focus on my development, like when you receive tutoring after school for math or any subject you want to improve on.  I thought that if I wanted that, then maybe there would be others that had that desire too.  This was the basis for my setting up the ‘KTK Spiritual Advancement Academy’.  As I advanced so did my students and the training did not just stop at developing their gifts, it was also about coaching them with starting their own ‘Psychic’ business doing psychic readings (sittings) and all that’s involved, while assisting them to turn their hobby into a paying career.  

Many students that come to me are not even sure if they have any psychic gifts worth developing and if they do, then how do they go about it?  What is the first step?  A lot of them want to develop quickly as well.  Unfortunately some of them come with a lot of fears and insecurities, or bad experiences.  It is my job to show them what they are capable of, how to do it confidently at their own pace, all the while giving them a gentle push in the right direction.  This is the role of a tutor.

How do you know if you are psychic?

So how do you know if you are Psychic?  Everyone is psychic, just some of us never choose to acknowledge it.  Your psychic power is like a muscle, it needs to be used to get stronger.  The more you use it the stronger it gets.  Use it daily and you will soon see the results.

If you taped your arm to the side of your body for 6 months you would need to strengthen those muscles again, maybe even need physiotherapy as your muscles would have grown weaker and atrophied from lack of use.  Your ‘intuitive’ muscle is a lot like that.  You never lose it and it gets stronger the more you develop it. 

How to know when you are Ready to Develop your ‘Psychic’ Gifts

Below are some of the common signs you might experience from ‘Stage One of opening’.  I teach about the ‘three stages of opening’.  You don’t have to experience them all and some times you might skip many in stage one and have more in stage two or stage three.  I use the three stages to track all the different ways you are changing and developing.  

  • Common coincidences occurring in your life
  • Seeing things out of the corner of your eye
  • Feeling a ‘breeze’ or a presence
  • Strong fascination for psychic or spiritual knowledge
  • Receiving ‘messages’ in dreams from friends or relatives who have died
  • Dreaming events before they happen
  • Seeing those who are no longer alive
  • People want to tell you their life history and things they have rarely told others, even if they do not know you very well
  • ‘Knowing’ people well when you have only met them for a short time
  • Strong feelings regarding the health of others to find out later you were correct
  • Sensitivity to noise
  • Sensitivity to the moods of others
  • Sudden and strong desires to clean up your health and eating habits
  • Fascination with angels or fairies

Why do we need to develop our
psychic ability?

The reason for developing your psychic and intuitive skills is for an easier life. Your intuitive self allows you to trust your finer instincts rather than rely on logic alone.

Many people wrestle between their logical thought processes and their deeper intuition and psychic ability. When you are ready you will notice that the desire to allow your sixth sense to emerge is stronger than the wish to keep it quiet.

So what hold’s us back from
developing our psychic ability?

Usually it is fear that hold’s us back. Fear is ego based and it can be difficult to control our egos.  Questions like the following can cross our minds.  

What if this gift is not there when I need it?
How do I turn it on and off? How do I control it?  
What if I don’t like what I see? 

These are all questions that can cross your mind. 

A lot of us like to control things in our lives and initially, your gift can feel like it is out of control.  We all know how the ego likes to control!

How do you begin to develop your Psychic ability?

The answer is that we need to train the mind to be still.  Our minds can be like hyperactive toddlers, running from one thing to the next without focus.  

An undisciplined mind will limit the amount of psychic ability a person will actually have in terms of accuracy.

An undisciplined mind may still receive information but will confuse the details. Some of the information maybe accurate and other parts quite scattered. 

Train your mind!

How do we discipline the mind?  

We train it to be still and listen instead of talking.  Our minds are always chattering away, full of information, necessary and unnecessary.    

First we have to let the mind know what it is like to have quiet time.

Find ten minutes a day of quiet time.  Discipline the mind.  Call it time out if you like.  This time is used to observe your thoughts and to clear the mind of excess chatter. 


A lot of people with natural psychic ability opening up find themselves with a very active, over charged minds that rarely calm down. 

Regularly finding 10 minutes a day begins to allow the mind to calm down into a more relaxed and empty space.  Preparing the mind to receive.  

Meditation helps to discipline the mind and raise our energy vibration.  There are many forms of meditation, not just sitting still with your eyes closed eyes waiting for something to happen. 

Guided Meditation

You can also listen to a guided meditation, which will give you something to focus on, train your mind to concentrate on only what is being said.  

Short meditations are best when you first start out until you build your endurance.  It is a bit like when you first start jogging.  You do small bursts at first while you are training the body to cope and get into condition.  

8 to 10 minute meditations are perfect when first starting out and then build up to 20 – 30 minutes as you advance.  

This is because on average our attention span cannot last much longer without our mind wandering, losing focus or falling asleep. Of course there are exceptions to every rule.  

Use your Senses

Choose a guided meditation that is not only visual but incorporates feelings as well, as a lot of psychics are clairsentient.  

By combining our senses it allows our psychic skills to develop more rapidly.  

Over time you will develop the ability to quieten your mind quickly and easily, which will enable you to then hear the information being communicated to you. 

It is far easier to hear someone talking to you in a quiet room rather than at a loud noisy party.  

If you are wanting to develop psychically or even take yourself from the level your at to the next level and beyond, I encourage you to take the time to do so and invest in yourself.  Even the most famous or best singers have voice coaches and other people that assist them.  We never stop learning, that is how we grow and develop.  The world is forever changing and we need to be forever adapting and fine tuning our skills.  No matter what age or level of development you think you are at there is always more.  

I have the goal of constant and never ending improvement.  I love the Psychic energy and the Spiritual world.  It is my job to help you to love it too.



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Katy-K is a Spiritual Teacher, International Psychic Medium and creator of the popular ‘Modern Oracle Deck’.  She is also winner of the International Psychic of the year 2015 People’s Choice Award.

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