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I’ve been using Angel/Oracle Cards for half of my life, 15 years now to be exact! I can’t imagine at this point not having them in my life! Cards have given me so much!! For example:

  • Direction - When I’m feeling lost.
  • Clarity - When I need to clear my mind and focus
  • Support - When I need comfort.
  • Motivation - When I’m feeling lazy or unwilling!
  • Confidence - When I think I can’t. 
  • Connection - When I feel disconnected.

So when the opportunity arose to write this blog I was really excited to share with you my love of card readings and hopefully help you to be able to do an accurate reading for yourself or a friend at home. 

Getting started.... 

All you need to get started in a deck of Angel/Oracle cards of your choice. The rest I’ll walk you through. 

Find a cosy, clean space in your home or in nature. Connection always flows easier when a space is clean and tidy. As they say a messy home equals a messy mind. And find somewhere comfortable so that you will relax more. 

Take the cards from the box and have a quick leaf through them, touching all the cards as you do. What your doing here is combining your energy with the energy of the deck. This will help to make sure any readings you give with this deck are so much more accurate. 

I like to then fan the cards out with the images facing me and hold them in my left hand over my heart. While I’m doing that I will say a little prayer over them if it’s my first time to use them. In my prayer I simply ask the Angels help to me receive clearly the messages I need from the cards and that they protect me through my readings. Then I go onto thinking about what I might need guidance on or would like a little more insight into all while holding the cards fanned out over my heart. 

When I’m clear on what I need at that moment I then gather the cards back up and I give them a shuffle. It’s now time to pick your cards. There a couple of ways you can do this so I’ll explain them all and you can do whatever feels comfortable to you. 

  1. Shuffle and pick - This is my preferred method. Basically I shuffle the cards and as I’m shuffling if a card stands out or jumps out of the deck I’ll choose these. 
  2. Shuffle and fan - Shuffle the deck and fan the cards out on the table and pick whichever cards stand out to you. 
  3. Take it from the top - Some people like to shuffle from the deck and take however many cards right from the top of the pile. 

There is no right or wrong way... 

There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just do whatever works for you. You might also be wondering how many cards to pick. Personally when reading for myself or a friend I always just let intuition guide me. I ask myself how many cards and in my mind I’ll see or hear an answer and I’ll go with that. Sometimes I’ll just shuffle and pick until I feel I have what I need. 

Once you have your cards picked you can turn them over. I personally turn them all at once but you might prefer to turn and read them individually. The choice is yours. Once you have your cards turned over your ready to go and this is where the magic happens. 

You do not need the guidebook, the guidebook is a generic overview of what the card may mean to large multiples of people. But you are individual and unique and your card is personal to you so take a look at the imagery, what does it mean to you? Maybe something stands out like a rose and you see that as a sign of love or a dove and you see that as peace. Recall what guidance or insight you asked for when you fanned your cards out over your heart and see what about this card or cards means to that.

Journal your cards... 

You can also take a pen and paper here and journal out what feelings you get from your cards. I often find and hear my students tell me;, “I turned this card and I instantly felt everything would be ok!” or “I knew when I seen the image that my Angels had heard me!”

You may find your cards correlate into a story or each card deals with a different aspect, that’s all perfect! Remember your reading is personal to you so whatever way it flows is fine! You may also like to sit with your cards for a while and see what comes from spending more time with that, this too is perfectly fine! 

One thing I want you to be very aware of is that there will not be bad news in your cards so there is nothing to be afraid of! Your Angel’s will come through the cards to guide and support you.

Relax and enjoy creating this beautiful connection and being able to access the Universal help & support that is available to you. 

Be blessed,

Trudie xx

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