Law of Abundance By Harriette Hale

The Law of Abundance is one of the 11 Universal Laws. 11 Universal Laws which were recently downloaded into planetary consciousness in an effort to raise the vibration of the planet whilst increasing our manifesting powers and abilities to co-create with the Divine for the greatest highest good of all humanity.

The Law of Abundance states that you have the right and the responsibility to live an abundant life, and the reason you have this right and responsibility is because with abundance, you can create a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. With this, you can restore balance and healing in the world. How beautiful is that? 

We have to be abundant. That is our divine right and our responsibility, because without abundance, without a full cup, we can't pour, we can't serve, we can't live our best lives, we can't fulfil our soul purpose, we can't honour our heart's desires, and we can't follow our soul calling.

Abundance is a divine right

Abundance is a divine right. We are fully supported and loved by the Universe. However, resistance to, or disregard of abundance breaks the other Laws in the set of 11. If you have a tendency to dismiss money as something that you don't need or don't want, this is breaking the Law of Abundance.

If you disregard rich people as undeserving and greedy, you are breaking the Law of Abundance. If you are careless with your money, or if you don't honour, love, and respect your money, or If you don't pay any attention to your money, for example if you don't check your bank statements and pay all your bills on time and organise your receipts and file your tax returns on time, you are breaking the Law of Abundance.

Living the Law of Abundance requires a total mindset shift, because in the modern world, we are all conditioned to believe that money is evil, that money is hard to come by, that money is somehow finite and that if you're rich, you've got your fair share of the pie, but not everyone gets a fair share of the pie. However, money is not a pie to be shared. It is a co-creation of the Universe and it is therefore infinite and expansive.

Create a mindset shift In 7 Steps

To help you shift your mindset into one of abundance so you can live in alignment with the Law of Abundance, below I share you with my seven step system for mastering your abundant mindset.

  • 1.Connect to Spirit
    Daily meditation, journaling and conversations with the Universe will help to clear your mind chatter and bring focus to the purpose of these steps. Call on your Spirit Guides to help you bring awareness to any negative and ‘lack’ thoughts which infiltrate your consciousness.
  • 2. Claim an abundant Identity
    Choose an identity which portrays your desired abundant mindset and lifestyle. The standard formula for your Identity statement is as follows:
    I am + £ amount which you desire to make in one year + role in the world which you desire to fulfil
    The £ amount must be more than you are making currently, and must be big enough that it excites you and makes you grin from ear to ear, but not so big that it scares you and moves you into a place of disbelief. 
    The final section of the Identity statement can be as broad or as specific as you like, especially if you’re not sure exactly what it is you want to be doing yet.
    For example, “I am a multi-million pound Priestess of Light”, or “I am a $120,000 health and wellness coach for women suffering with anxiety and depression”, or “I am a £420,000 multi-faceted brand, all round entertainment personality, a sensual Sensei, Warrior Queen and a Goddess of Love”.
    It can be as fun or as practical as you desire, but the key to your Identity Statement is that you anchor it in multiple times a day by declaring it out loud to yourself in the mirror.
  • 3. Choose a new set of Abundant Beliefs
    As you begin to declare your Identity statement and work consciously with Spirit to invoke the Law of Abundance into your life, old limiting beliefs will begin to surface into your thought space. Now is the time to recognise these beliefs for what they are, (limiting), and choose to replace them with a more abundant and self-serving version. Keep a journal to hand to make a note of every negative thought or belief that enters your head and over time begin to replace these thoughts with beliefs which are positive, uplifting, and help to accomplish your abundant goals.
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    4. Make Abundant Decisions
    We make decisions from our belief centre, so it’s likely many of your beliefs prior to tuning into the Law of Abundance have been coming from a place of lack or conditioning. Now you have a new belief system in place, ensure that you are making decisions daily from this new abundance place. As a “multi-million pound Priestess of Light”, for example, what do you choose to wear? How do you manage your time? What do you delegate? Where do you travel? Who do you choose to do business with? All your decisions should come from an Abundant mindset in order to truly honour the Law of Abundance.
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    5. Get Clear On Your Outcomes
    With a brand new belief system and Identity supporting your new Abundant mindset, it’s time to get crystal clear on how you want your new abundant life to unfold. It’s likely with all these mindset shifts that you have a completely different perspective to previously. So, take some time to get super clear about what it is you want in life. Who do you want to be? What do you desire to have? What do you want to do with your life?
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    6. Take Inspired Action
    With the Law of Abundance working in your favour, you will notice that inspiration and ideas come to you more frequently and with abundant energy. Act on these inspired actions knowing that they have come to you from Spirit, or from Universe, as you are now choosing to live in alignment with the Law of Abundance. As you make a commitment to honour the Universal Laws, Universe rewards you by sending the inspiration and ideas you need to fulfil your abundant goals.
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    7. Create an Abundant Environment & Support System
    So far we have worked on your internal abundance set up, but now it’s time to look externally at your surroundings. Ensure your work place from which you create your abundance is clutter free and prime for manifesting your goals. Ask friends and loved ones to respect your need for dedicated time to work on your projects, business or career. Manage your tasks and delegate where necessary to ensure your time is honoured as a woman of wealth of abundance. Remove negative vibrations from your life, however they may show up; this can be people, objects, clutter, obligations, daily tasks, and perhaps more un-serving beliefs. 

This seven step process can be repeated as frequently as you like, but for me personally the most powerful step is the declaration of your Identity statement, so get comfortable owning your new abundant energy, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

All my love

Harriette xX

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