Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children & Adults

In the turn of the century we began to see early pioneers of what was called the new thought movement, people like Norman Vincent Peele, Edgar Cayce, Madame Blavatsky to name but a few. These men and women became the first of the modern light-workers in the western world. Later came epic women like Louise L Hay & Elizabeth Prophet who both bore the light-worker vibration. 

To this generation the first Indigo children were born as spiritual warriors in human form and called ‘Indigos’ due the the blue hue of thier auric fields. These STAR SEED souls began to incarnate in 1975, before that light-workers souls had arrived en-mass to begin to raise the vibration of the planet. Spiritual doorways and consciousness where now opening and the earth was ready for an evolutionary jump in conciseness - this is known as the age of Aquarius. 

Indigo Children where often born to parents with challenging home environments, parents that would embody both light and dark in deep contrast.  Many experienced challenging childhoods. 

​​​​   Indigo Traits 

  • Rebellious nature
  • Strong sense of right or wrong
  • Quick thinkers, creative thinkers
  • Independent thinkers, don’t follow the herd 
  • Highly intuitive, often psychic or gifted healers 
  • Outspoken- will not stay silent in face of perceived injustice
  • Have difficulty with authority 
  • Often multi passionate 
  • Later in life food sensitivities 
  • Often see the world completely differently  
  • Need regular time in nature to restore balance 
  • As children often diagnosed with hyper activity or ADHD  
  • A strong temper and express anger outwardly  
  • Their job and function is to create greater in-roads into the human consciousness and change the old paradigm by moving humanity into more open dialogue with the divine. Many have gone on as adults to become spiritual teachers, yogis, meditation teachers and change makers  in their respective fields.

    Next came the Crystal Children, (often born to Indigo or light-worker parents.) Crystal Children are so called because of their brightly coloured, crystalline auric fields. Their natures are far gentler than the Indigos and they could only incarnate on the earth plane when Indigos and light-workers had brought the consciousness to the next level of incarnation. 

      Crystal Children Traits 

  • They are often late to communicate
  • Deep & ancient knowledge 
  • Often recall past lives  
  • Socially conscious and aware from a young age
  • They have a great sense of fairness
  • The follow their hearts in all matters - this may seem whimsical to others 
  • They have natural empathic abilities 
  • Often aware, they  choose their parents 
  • Have quick minds which jump from subject to subject without delay
  • Dislike fighting and hate of any kind
  • Can often be highly sensitive to harsh environments 
  • Deep love for animals 
  • Crystal children along with the Indigos and light-workers, raised the vibration once more to bring in the next incarnation of humans, the rainbow children (not to be confused with children born after miscarriage also often called Rainbow children.) The Rainbow souls are the current expression of the highest incarnation of humanity currently on the planet. 

       Rainbow Children Traits

  • These vibrant energetic souls, bring joy in all they do
  • They love to laugh and have fun
  • They are mission based, have clear desires for what they want to do in life even as children 
  • Very emotionally conscious and emotionally aware
  • Highly sensitive to low vibrational food (fast food) 
  • Unlike their counterparts they often begin speaking at a very early age
  • Highly musical and tend to have amazing timing 
  • Empathic and sensitive to needs of others 
  • Highly telepathic 
  • Often extremely spiritually gifted
  • Do not do well in low vibrational environments -( i.e. shouty teachers)  
  • Prefer to talk it out with their peer group, rarely if ever resorts to violence 
  • They often simply just shine in their nature 
  • We are gearing up for the next incarnation of human evolution with the arrival of the peacemaker children, whose auras will resonate at the frequency of peace. These high vibrational energies will usher in the next incarnation of humans on the planet.

    It is possible to have a mix of traits between each incarnation. The last of the light-worker generation where often born with 3 or more of the indigo traits and as each generation is born they will take on more of the vibration of the next. This is a vibrational effect, in that - as the vibration rises, so the star seed's soul's vibration rises too. 

    This is why many Indigos now carry traits of other star seed incarnations - anger has been replaced with cool resolve, strong opinions replaced with a willingness to hear another point of view. This is because these souls have been designed for evolution and will keep evolving even after incarnation. 

    Did you spot yourself or your kids in the above descriptions? let us know in the comments... 

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