How to See Aura's by Joanna Hunter 

All my life I have had the ability to see auras with the naked eye, it was a big surprise to find out others could not see the bright colours around everything like I could. 

Years later I have now taught 100s of people to tune in and see or sense the auric fields, see the colours and even taught many to read auric fields. If this something you would like to learn stay tuned, because I share my easiest technique below.

In this article I am going to show YOU how you too can ‘see’ an auric field and create a connection that will allow you to develop this further and access this amazing font of information but first lets talk science…. 

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The Science

I am a real paradox, I often say I was born with my spiritual gifts firmly in the ‘ON’ position however I was also born with the mind of a scientist - so growing up knowing I had this ability I needed to know that I was not crazy, that there was a science behind this phenomena …. and there is - phew! Not crazy, not today at least LOL 

Nicola Tesla known as one of the father of electricity once said, if you want to think of the universe think in terms of energy, vibration and frequency

Everything is energy - even inanimate objects - all energy is light, all energy has a vibration that produces a ‘light’ frequency - the denser the object the slower the vibration. Even the Earth her self has a frequency of around 7.83Hz incidentally the optimum frequency for feeling good is 7.83 hz- cool huh?  like we are hard wired for the planet.

This energy field in science is called the EMF or EM field which stands for electromagnetic field- in spiritual terms we call it the AURA.  

So How Do You See The Aura?

It’s actually very simple, but first answer this question because it might give a clue how best you will experience the auric field.

When people tell a story, are you more likely to see images in your head or feel things like a gut instinct?

If you find visualisation easy: Your brain produces images and even ideas often arrive as images - you have a  stronger ‘clairvoyant’ sense this means you are more likely to be able to train the naked eye to see auras.

If you find that you easily feel things: may not always visualise them or even never visualise it means you are more ‘clairsentient’ and your empathic abilities are more pronounced in which case you are more likely to experience aura’s with sense rather than sight. 

If you find that both is true - then this should be no problem, as you could develop both the ability to sense and see the aura.

What You Will Need....

  • A living volunteer
  • A cream/ magnolia coloured wall this is the best colour to see auras against
  • star
    A relaxing environment
  • star
    Twilight or half light - dim lighting is best 

    ​​​​How to see the aura

  1. Place your volunteer against the wall in a dimly lit room, that sort of half light is best not too dark
  2. Then stand about 3-4 feet away
  3. Relax as much as you can - easier if your completely relaxed so a mediation before you start can be great way to achieve this. 
  4. You want to look beyond the person like your looking past the top of their head with eyes slightly unfocused. 
  5. Around the top of the persons head you should start to see like a heat shimmer the kind you see on over a road on a very hot day- this may not contain any colour just a shimmer. You will actually see it or ‘feel’ it or both see and feel it. 
  6. Try to see the edges of this heat shimmer, the edge of this is actually the outer part of the auric field, see if you can follow it around- This is the same shape all round? or does it change? You are seeing the AURA- congrats!
  7. Practice, practice, practice - the more you train yourself to see this, you’ll start to see or sense colour in the field.

Practice, Practice, Practice... 

Practice Like Mr Miyagi from karate kid is whispering wax on, wax off in your ear.

It totally normal for the auric fields of different people to be different sizes, even textures and colours will move and flux. The more you develop this sense, and connect deeper with it, you will be able to develop your language of meaning to the colours you experience and begin to read the auric field.  

Have fun with your new found skill.  

Love and blessings

 Joanna Xxx

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Name: Joanna Hunter is a spiritual life and business coach at Website:    

Joanna Has been psychic all her life and has worked many years as spiritual life and business coach she has a passion for business, mindset and woo woo she is also the founder of My Inner Peace and

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