Challenge in Life from the Soul’s Perspective by Anita D Marshall

There are times in our lives when we look in the mirror and wonder why our life seems such a struggle. Maybe a dose of comparisonitis kicks in when we see friends, family or colleagues doing easily what we ourselves are finding difficult.

Then there are those really difficult, hard, horrible life events that turn your world upside down and you sit down and wonder ‘why the hell is this happening?’.

So probably the last thing you want to hear is that at a soul level that this was a chosen path. I can almost hear you scream ‘No,  no way!’ When you are really going through one of that ‘dark night of the soul’ moments you really want to reject this idea. I heard some of my clients really dark time experience, some have been beyond what I can imagine, but still at the end of a soul plan session there is a visible relaxing, a deeper understanding and a clarity for them.

At a soul level, the purpose of life is for soul growth and the reason our soul comes into the world is to seek opportunities to learn, grow and serve.

Why did your soul choose this?

It is when we encounter challenges, difficulties and even those totally awful events that rock you to the core that often the most soul growth occurs. Why? Because we are more likely to dig deep inside to find a way forward, to discover an answer or explore a new way of being that will take us away from the situation. In doing so we expand beyond where we have been and reach out for a new higher level of potential.

So maybe you are just beginning to see those difficulties and challenges are opportunities in disguise. The opportunity is to maybe i) learn new knowledge ii) an opportunity to step into a role of serving society in a powerful way or iii) it may be if you want to consider past lives then this is an opportunity to heal or clear an unresolved issue or obtain an unfulfilled learning.

For many people the challenges are simply experienced without the awareness of what the opportunity that is unfolding is about or how to even to make that step to grow out of the difficulty and into the potential.

How Soul Plan Can Help ...

When I first trained in Soul Plan I gained access the soul growth map by using this powerful and ancient life purpose guidance system. The insights it revealed for own life were profoundly changing – for example during repeated miscarriages it was the awareness of the energies in my chart that allowed me to make the changes at the mindset and energetic level to become a mother to 2 boys. It wasn’t that soul plan foresaw it or even heal the issue directly but it gave me clarity that I could make choices that supported the potential through the path of soul growth.

I have seen this time and time in my readings for my clients whether they are just having a reading or learning the system for themselves – the clarity and awareness that allows them to make the choices of alignment at soul level. For some this may be about significant life events – loss, abandonment, physical or health issues for other this may be emotional aspects of themselves such as shyness, unassertiveness, self-worth or over-sensitivity but for each challenge there is something being offered too.

Knowing your soul plan is like going from being on a ship trying to navigate choppy uncharted waters to be at the helm steering the vessel with an advanced navigation system that guides you to your destination by the most effective route. You still do the effort to get there but you have guidance.

What is Soul Plan...

Soul Plan originates from the ancient Hebrew texts and was later channelled into the soul guidance system we use today by Frank Alper in the last century. It was updated with additional powerful channelings by Blue Marsden to bring it into alignment with what was required for the current times and it is this updated system that I use for my readings, in my soul empowered coaching sessions and that I also teach.

It is the vibrations from our own birth name that holds the energetic key to the life we are experiencing. At soul plan level we come with 3 soul growth objectives – a worldly level soul goal, a spiritual level soul goal and the ultimate soul growth goal referred at our Soul Destiny. To get to the goals it is a bit like travelling a stepping stone path we must first step off the challenge stone onto our natural talents/abilities stone and by moving away from those challenges by been firmly centred in our talents we are then able to step towards and onto our goal stone.

We generally work the worldly stepping stone path before moving onto the spiritual path. The transition to the spiritual typically happening around 30-35 but may occur sooner or later. When I say spiritual path I am not referring to becoming a monk but this is the path that activates when we start to wonder if there is more to life than just our physical existence. That ultimate soul growth of our Soul Destiny becomes more of a focus as we move through the two paths – it is the big destination stone at the centre of everything.

The Soul Plan of Princess Diana

During my courses, we look at soul plan charts of some famous souls such as Michael Jackson, Princess Diana and Franklin Roosevelt. As we explore their charts we can see some of their whys in life.

Let’s take the gentle soul of Princess Diana for example; her worldly challenge energy shows up with issues with boundaries and trying to discover herself through relationships with others, in the early part of her life she really struggled to know who she was. Her grace and pose can be seen through her worldly talent energy. Energies have a symbol and numeric value to help reference the vibration, so the 20-2 energy that she held in the world talent position also gave her the abilities to move beyond cultural restrictions and expectations. Royalty has not been the same since!  

Her worldly goal was to master speech in society, this was something she had to work to achieve; it was not something that came natural but it was called for at soul level. She had to overcome feeling oppressed, she had to become clear about who she was and what she wanted to achieve from within herself not by finding herself in others (her challenge). Her loving sharing aura and the call to bring healing into society comes in from her spiritual path, once she overcame any need to be perfect that is. Her soul destiny may only have been realised with her death for she left a legacy of caring and supportive structure for society which is the soul destiny aspect of the 11-2. We might consider her challenges mild in comparison with maybe some other peoples but they were challenges for her and she had to work to overcome them.

From Challenge to the Goal

I have given readings for charts for lovely souls that have had to work with the challenges such as the grief from significant loss. For one such client this was the death of her mother at a very young age (yes her chart held the energies of loss as a worldly challenge for her) and she had the worldly goal of the same energy so she was being called at soul level to move from one end of the spectrum to the other on this energy scale and guess what she had done it…she was working as a bereavement counsellor, her own journey and experience made her a very popular and successful counsellor of children going through bereavement. She was using the mothering energies and emotional wisdom from her talent energy to help her achieve this and remain heart centred for herself and others.

There is an opportunity being offered...

Hopefully, you are starting to get the feeling that those challenges are not all negative that the journey we have chosen at the soul level for this lifetime is one of potential. Look for the opportunity you are being offered. To do this requires the ability to look at your life by setting aside the raw emotions that as we consider when viewing our challenges or the need assign blame or reason. This is not always easy which is why having a soul plan reading can really help bring awareness and clarity through a supportive trained practitioner.

If you are facing a challenge, having a difficult time then remind yourself there is an opportunity been offered from your soul’s perspective…

Get to Know Our Author

Anita D Marshall is a Soul Alignment Coach and Soul Plan Teacher at

Anita helps her clients to reconnect to who they are and their ‘why’ in life by awakening their connection to their own natural soul wisdom, helping them to transform the blocks to their potential and aligning their inner and our life with the power and potential of their soul purpose.

She is one of the first teachers to be taught by Blue Marsden to teach people to learn Soul Plan for themselves and now does this through Live Online Courses as well as in-person training in the UK.

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