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Oracle Cards By Trudie Core

I’ve been using Angel/Oracle Cards for half of my life, 15 years now to be exact! I can’t imagine at this point not having them in my life! Cards have given me so much!! For example:Direction – When I’m feeling lost.Clarity – When I need to clear my mind and focusSupport – When I need […]

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Tea and Intuition by Amy Blackthorn

When attempting to connect to the collective unconscious, one of the most challenging parts of opening ourselves to our psychic gifts is quieting the conscious mind of day-to-day chatter that permeates our thoughts, even when we attempt to relax.  To do that, let’s establish your very own ritual designed to help you engage all of […]

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How to See Aura’s -by Joanna Hunter

How to See Aura’s by Joanna Hunter All my life I have had the ability to see auras with the naked eye, it was a big surprise to find out others could not see the bright colours around everything like I could.  Years later I have now taught 100s of people to tune in and see or […]

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