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My Inner Peace is a collaborative project between Joanna Hunter and other enlightened souls who are passionate about spiritual awakening, raising spiritual awareness and serving the world with their spiritual gifts and talents.    

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Plans of world domination and other such shenanigans... 

"From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow" - anon 

I have a big vision for My Inner Peace - from the day I conceived this idea, it has never been solely 'mine.'  It has always been a vision of coming together in a community and sharing for the betterment of our planet and our human experience. As the blog grows, it's my hope that our beautiful bloggers will collaborate even further and add too our My Inner Peace U(niversity), our learning platform, and sell their courses on their passion subjects so we can not only grow together but learn together. 

My vision is that this website will truly become a place where modern mystics can gather in a magical space on the internet

A spiritual journey can be isolating - especially if you are going through rapid internal changes, as old outdated ways of thinking strip away- it can leave people feeling vulnerable and confused.... If I had a dollar for every time I heard, "I thought I was going crazy," I wouldn't be a millionaire but I'd have a lot of dollars!

My Inner Peace is here to make this journey easier by sharing insights, tips, new info and knowledge. If we can just make one persons spiritual journey easier and better we will have accomplished this.        

How we got our name.... 

Are you sitting comfortably then I will begin..... I have always been spiritual, I often say I was born with my spiritual gifts switched 'on,' however I was not fully awakened till I had a massive burn out- where spirit cracked me wide open and poured the light in.... In my healing journey that followed I wrote my book, Get Selfish - The Way Is Through, however I digress....sort of the Get Selfish bit is important.

My Inner Peace comes from this understanding, at a set point we are all ONE..... Everything is energy! therefore, everything is ONE.... I realised that the greatest gift I could give this world was; a Joanna that had her shit sorted out because that drop of energy that is me, is also part of the collective energy. So, if I was ballsy enough, selfish enough, gutsy enough to just learn what it would take to create massive inner peace for me..... I would eventually come to a point where it would go through all of who I was and the inner peace I was pulling through me would reach the collective too. 

"My Inner Peace would then become your inner peace too!"

It's a vibrational thing. As my vibration begins to resonate at peace, I add that to the collective - get enough of us to do the same and the vibration of the collective begins to change because, after all, the unifying agent in this universe is ENERGY of which we are all a part. 

I realised in taking an inner journey (getting selfish) I had more potential to change the world than screaming and shouting with a placard (but that can work too,)  and by changing myself and making an inner effort to resonate at PEACE- that this would be a gift I could give the world. Everything is energy and I am part of that energy - this is actually a guaranteed way to change the world. 

That's How My Inner Peace got it's name....

Later I was to discover Dr David Hawkin's wonderful work on resonating at higher vibrational frequencies - and their ability to effect the world around them.  He mapped consciousness and discovered people who resonated at love and above could effect people by just emitting their vibrational frequency out into the world - this would encourage other people to just naturally rise. This of course blew my mind and reaffirmed 'My Inner Peace' as 'our inner peace. '

Love and Blessings

Joanna Xxx